Game a Week – Week 07

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3D Labyrinth!Play on browser

Arrows: walk and turn.

The ideia – I used as base a memorie that I have from my childhood: I always loved the 3D Maze screensaver from Windows 95/97.However, I also wanted to control what was happening on the screen. To me it was like if it was screaming to be playable, so that’s what I did! A playable clone.

What went right – I’m surprised with the results, it’s kind of good despite the fact that I only spent 2 or 3 hours with the actual development. It is simple and rough, but I think it’s fun to play, and I really feel like trying to do something else with this idea someday.

What went wrong – I got a mini-block and lost a lot of time with the development of a feature that didn’t make it to the final version (it was camera flip). And I also left most of the development to Sunday night again and it’s kind of meh. I wanted to populate the labyrinth with pixelated non-interactive creatures, so it would be easier to the player not get lost,.

What I learned – Simpler games work better with the game a week format, and that I have to start sorting tasks by priority.



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