Game a Week – Week 09

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FPPP: First Person Ping Pong – Click here to play on browser

-WASD: walk
-Left mouse button: shoots only one ball, that can be picked up again from the ground
-Right mouse button: return the balls that the oponents shoot
-Esc: reset

The ideia – I had the idea to make a first person ping pong for PewDiePie’s game jam, with lots of explosions and stuff. But I didn’t made any game for that jam and really liked the idea, so I decided to build it this week.

What went right – I didn’t care about doing a well done code from the start. I prioritized making an ugly code that worked, and to only improve it if I had some spare time at the end. This streamlined the development a lot.

What went wrong – not much time during the week and I didn’t managed it very well, doing most of the work Sunday. There’s no explosions, neither any GUI pointing the ammo, or the HP, or the game over screen, even that these conditions are present in the game ald should be comunicated to the player. The contact area with the ground to pick up the ball is too small, making this task more dificult than it should. I also don’t think the base mechanic is very fun.

What I learned – that prototype code doesn’t need to be pretty and neither well done. It have to work well enough to test if the idea is fun. Making good code for prototype is to waste precious time.


Game a Week – Week 07

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3D Labyrinth!Play on browser

Arrows: walk and turn.

The ideia – I used as base a memorie that I have from my childhood: I always loved the 3D Maze screensaver from Windows 95/97.However, I also wanted to control what was happening on the screen. To me it was like if it was screaming to be playable, so that’s what I did! A playable clone.

What went right – I’m surprised with the results, it’s kind of good despite the fact that I only spent 2 or 3 hours with the actual development. It is simple and rough, but I think it’s fun to play, and I really feel like trying to do something else with this idea someday.

What went wrong – I got a mini-block and lost a lot of time with the development of a feature that didn’t make it to the final version (it was camera flip). And I also left most of the development to Sunday night again and it’s kind of meh. I wanted to populate the labyrinth with pixelated non-interactive creatures, so it would be easier to the player not get lost,.

What I learned – Simpler games work better with the game a week format, and that I have to start sorting tasks by priority.




Hoje eu e minha namorada fizemos aniversário de 2 anos juntos. E ela me deu de presente junto com uma camiseta o jogo Receiver. Que jogo FODA! Uma desconstrução genial do gênero.
Today me and my girlfriend are celebrating 2 years of being together. And she gave me as gift a t-shirt and the game Receiver. What a DAMN good game! A genius desconstruction of the genre.

Incrível como este jogo consegue parecer original e fresco, principalmente quando a grande maioria dos FPSs de hoje em dia parecem todos ser o mesmo jogo e seguem as mesmas convenções.
Awesome how this game feels original and fresh, even when most of today’s FPSs looks like the same game and follow the same conventions.

Para você ter uma ideia, você tem controle quase total sobre cada uma das operações da arma. Enquanto recarregar uma arma num FPS normalmente é feito pelo botão “R”, em Receiver é feito por “E”, ” ‘ “, “Z”, “R” e “V”. E nas primeiras vezes eu derrubei várias vezes o carregador no chão ou ejetei munições que ainda não tinha sido utilizadas.
For example, you have almost full control of every gun operation. While usually reloading in a FPS means pressing “R”, in Receiver it is done by pressing “E”, ” ‘ “, “Z”, “R” and “V”. And at the first tries I’ve dropped the magazine on the floor and ejected unused bullets.

Recomendo para quem não tem medo de jogo difícil ou fora do convencional.
I recomend it for people who don’t have fear of a hard or unconventional game.