Envie Seu Jogo – Submit Your Game

Envie o link do seu jogo abaixo, nos comentários, antes do prazo de entrega final! Não tenha vergonha se seu jogo estiver incompleto / feio / quebrado, você pode competir com ele mesmo assim! A não ser que não queira por ter estourado o prazo, ou não queria concorrer como próximo anfitrião, ou algo assim. Neste caso, escreva no comentário “Envio Não Competitivo”.

Submit your the link for your game below, at the comments, before the final deadline! Don’t feel ashamed if your game is incomplete / ugly / broken, you can still compete with it! Unless you don’t want because you didn’t finished it in time, or don’t want to compete to be the next host, or something like that. In this case, write on the comment “Non Competitive Entry”.

Os envios serão aceitos tanto em formato jogável em browser quanto em link de download. Contudo, vale ressaltar que provavelmente mais pessoas irão jogar ele em browser, principalmente pela praticidade. Caso seu jogo necessite de arquivos extras para funcionar, certifique-se de incluí-lo junto com o download.

The submissions will be accepted if it’s playable on a browser or also as a download link. Be aware that probably more people will play it in browser, mainly because of how practical it is.  If your game needs extra files to run, be sure to include them together with the download link.

Jogos serão aceitos apenas se disponíveis em pelo menos uma dessas origens: / Games will only be accepted if available in at least one of these places:


6 respostas em “Envie Seu Jogo – Submit Your Game

  1. More Hexagons


    Build a hive out of hexagonal tiles. Pieces with too few connections will decay over time. Red pieces are “explosives” – they will destroy nearby pieces. Green pieces are “memories” – they are not easily destroyed. The game ends when your hive has been destroyed.

    Urtication – My initial idea, on reading this theme, was to put together a beehive-building game. After a bit of further research, I found out that the “hives” in the definition are the medical painful type rather than the honey-bee type, but by that point I liked my idea too much.

    Assignor – that’s the second smaller hexagon to the bottom right, which each turn assigns you three pieces each turn to choose from.

    Planarian – These guys have the ability to grow into two worms if cut in half, and (possibly) the ability to chemically store and transfer memories. Your hives in this game have similar abilities – they can be split in half and carry on perfectly fine, and the “memory” pieces can persist for quite a while apart from any other pieces.

    Download: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2nujtrKuJqybzJOQ1FoOWtNRjQ&usp=sharing

  2. Young Planarian Aptitude Assignor

    Web-based twine game hosted on Dropbox. Non-competitive entry.

    Illustrated interactive story game by Andrew and Wanni Wang. Sorry, the game is a mess and is incomplete, we were trying to do it while traveling. But this might be our last chance we have to submit it (will be mostly away from internet access).

  3. Planaxian

    We wanted to do an early 80s-esque arcade style game. You are a flatworm (in space), and the objective is to gobble as many stars as possible! But avoid those nasty space bees and space nettles! They’ll urticate you out of existance! Also, remember to avoid your own body and waste!

    Controls: I recommend using the mouse controls, which is simply left clicking to move. Right click should stop movement if need be as well. However, this control scheme was having some issues earlier on, though most appear to be resolved. You can also use WAD as an alternative. (W-D to rotate, W to move forward).

    This was our first game jam, and had a blast doing it! I hope you enjoy.

    PS: As of posting this the world record is 6100! Good luck, and time for some sleep.

  4. Lanny in Pieces

    Lanny is a small planarian that lives inside an aquarium of a school. He is friends with a seahorse, Danny. One day, the aquarium managers discovers that there is a “planarian infestation” inside the aquarium, and decides to clean the aquarium, transfering all animals and plants to a new aquarium.

    Lanny’s friend love it so much they don’t want to miss it in the new aquarium, so they give Lanny the idea to give pieces of himself to everyone so it can be “reglued” after the process.

    Then starts Lanny’s adventure through the old aquarium, trying to give everyone a small piece of himself.

    Most of the animals at first be wondered that a planarian can talk, because it’s the first time they’ve ever seen that, but end up accepting to carry a small piece of it (friends section), but some of them end up eating the small piece, and find him so delicious that they eat Lanny (foes section) – that’s a game over.

    Additionally, when swimming near the aquarium surface, Lanny may be caught up by a fishing net, another game over.

    He needs to collect food in the way, so he can regenerate.

    Gameplay: swim (keyboard arrows) and talk to other animals (space)

    Updates will be posted…

    Link to play: hilgames.com/lanny

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