Game a Week – Week 10

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AvestruzaClick here to play on browser


-Up arrow / W: accelerate
-Down arrow / S: brake
-Left and right arrows/ A e D: turn
-Espace: jump
-Tab: change camera
-Esc: reset
(Tempo is time in Portuguese)

The idea: I had asked a friend to come up with a theme, and he choose ostrich. So I decided to make an isometric racing game, like Mini Car Racing, a game that me and my brothers played a lot when younger. And because she is an ostrich, it would be interesting to pu some obstacles that the player has tojump above them. As I still don’t have much knowledge about AI and neither had much free time last week, the race would be against the clock.

What went right: I’m really happy with this week’s result! I liked how the controls feels. At first the camera would be exclusively isometric, but when I was playing with it’s position I found it would be interesting (and easy) to implement a system for changing between multiple cameras. And it was interesting (and also easy too) to make a mini map system. And during the development there was an especifc problem with the code that was getting me really frustrated, so I decided to start to assemble the track instead of getting angry. As I finished the track I was a lot more excited about the game and it looked like it proggressed a lot towards its conclusion.

What went wrong: I didnt make any ramps or slopes on the track because of a bug that was only fixed nearing the end. The ostrich needs a lot of catching speed to jump and start to run again if it misses a jump. I intended to make a medal system that didn’t make it, as the languace selection menu is also missing. And I really miss making musics for my games…

What I learned: that when you get stuck with something it’s better to make another unrelated task to cool down instead and carry on. I hope to remember this when it happen again!!


Game a Week – Week 09

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FPPP: First Person Ping Pong – Click here to play on browser

-WASD: walk
-Left mouse button: shoots only one ball, that can be picked up again from the ground
-Right mouse button: return the balls that the oponents shoot
-Esc: reset

The ideia – I had the idea to make a first person ping pong for PewDiePie’s game jam, with lots of explosions and stuff. But I didn’t made any game for that jam and really liked the idea, so I decided to build it this week.

What went right – I didn’t care about doing a well done code from the start. I prioritized making an ugly code that worked, and to only improve it if I had some spare time at the end. This streamlined the development a lot.

What went wrong – not much time during the week and I didn’t managed it very well, doing most of the work Sunday. There’s no explosions, neither any GUI pointing the ammo, or the HP, or the game over screen, even that these conditions are present in the game ald should be comunicated to the player. The contact area with the ground to pick up the ball is too small, making this task more dificult than it should. I also don’t think the base mechanic is very fun.

What I learned – that prototype code doesn’t need to be pretty and neither well done. It have to work well enough to test if the idea is fun. Making good code for prototype is to waste precious time.

Um Jogo Por Semana – Semana 07

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Labirinto 3D!Jogue no browser

Setas: andar e girar

A ideia – Eu me baseei numa memória da minha infância: eu sempre amei o protetor de tela 3D Maze do Windows 95/97. Contudo, eu sempre quis poder controlar o que estava acontecendo na tela, e não apenas assistir. Era gritante para mim a necessidade de uma versão jogável, portanto foi isso o que eu decidi fazer! Um clone jogável.

O que deu certo – Fiquei surpreso de como o resultado ficou bom apesar de ter gasto cerca de 2 à 3 horas no desenvolvimento propriamente dito. Está bem simples e cru, mas eu achei que ficou divertido de jogar, e agora estou com muita vontade de revisitar esta ideia futuramente.

O que deu errado – Ter travado tentando desenvolver uma feature que não era vital para o produto, e que não foi incluída na versão final (flip de câmera). Ter deixado a maior parte do desenvolvimento para domingo de noite mais uma vez. E queria ter populado o labirinto com criaturas pixeladas não-interativas, a fim de facilitar que o jogador se localizasse dentro do labirinto usando-as como referência.

O que eu aprendi – Jogos mais simples funcionam melhor para o formato de um jogo por semana, e que devo separar as tarefas a serem realizadas por ordem de prioridade.


Game a Week – Week 07

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3D Labyrinth!Play on browser

Arrows: walk and turn.

The ideia – I used as base a memorie that I have from my childhood: I always loved the 3D Maze screensaver from Windows 95/97.However, I also wanted to control what was happening on the screen. To me it was like if it was screaming to be playable, so that’s what I did! A playable clone.

What went right – I’m surprised with the results, it’s kind of good despite the fact that I only spent 2 or 3 hours with the actual development. It is simple and rough, but I think it’s fun to play, and I really feel like trying to do something else with this idea someday.

What went wrong – I got a mini-block and lost a lot of time with the development of a feature that didn’t make it to the final version (it was camera flip). And I also left most of the development to Sunday night again and it’s kind of meh. I wanted to populate the labyrinth with pixelated non-interactive creatures, so it would be easier to the player not get lost,.

What I learned – Simpler games work better with the game a week format, and that I have to start sorting tasks by priority.


TAGjam11 Dia 1 – Day 1

Depois de algum tempo sem participar de nenhuma game jam nem nada, resolvi participar da TAG Jam 11! Já participei de outras edições dela, é a minha Jam favorita até agora. Dessa vez o Adrian Galassi está me ajudando com as músicas, e olhem aqui o trabalho dele! Muito foda, e estou adorando trabalhar com ele.

After some time without participating of any game jam, I decided to try TAG Jam 11! I’ve already made games for this jam in the past, and is my favorite to date. This time Adrian Galassi is helping me with the musics, and take a look at his work here! Awesome stuff, and I’m having fun working with him.

Algumas screenshots do progresso:

Some screenshots of the progress so far:


2Print1 Code01 Print1musica1