Game a Week – Week 10

Leia em Português aqui!

AvestruzaClick here to play on browser


-Up arrow / W: accelerate
-Down arrow / S: brake
-Left and right arrows/ A e D: turn
-Espace: jump
-Tab: change camera
-Esc: reset
(Tempo is time in Portuguese)

The idea: I had asked a friend to come up with a theme, and he choose ostrich. So I decided to make an isometric racing game, like Mini Car Racing, a game that me and my brothers played a lot when younger. And because she is an ostrich, it would be interesting to pu some obstacles that the player has tojump above them. As I still don’t have much knowledge about AI and neither had much free time last week, the race would be against the clock.

What went right: I’m really happy with this week’s result! I liked how the controls feels. At first the camera would be exclusively isometric, but when I was playing with it’s position I found it would be interesting (and easy) to implement a system for changing between multiple cameras. And it was interesting (and also easy too) to make a mini map system. And during the development there was an especifc problem with the code that was getting me really frustrated, so I decided to start to assemble the track instead of getting angry. As I finished the track I was a lot more excited about the game and it looked like it proggressed a lot towards its conclusion.

What went wrong: I didnt make any ramps or slopes on the track because of a bug that was only fixed nearing the end. The ostrich needs a lot of catching speed to jump and start to run again if it misses a jump. I intended to make a medal system that didn’t make it, as the languace selection menu is also missing. And I really miss making musics for my games…

What I learned: that when you get stuck with something it’s better to make another unrelated task to cool down instead and carry on. I hope to remember this when it happen again!!