Game a Week – Week 04, 05 and 06

Leia em Português aqui!

Sorry for being late! I haven’t posted lately because of a combo of my computer being repaired + laziness + the realease of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Here is what I was (not) doing this 3 weeks.

  • Week 04



The idea – To make a simple point and click adventure game, with handmade art. Something really simple and smooth to make!

What went right – I’ve made some drawings with marker, and I really liked the results!

What went wrong – I left all the development to the weekend, too much close of the deadline. I’ve managed poorly my time and failed.

What I learned – I have to focus a lot more in time management and stop procrastinating. And also that handmade art can be quick to make and with some nice results!

  • Week 05

The Trucomancer – Download A3 (pdf) or A4(zip contendo pdf) (both in Portuguese)

TrucomanteThe idea – I thought that my computer would probably be under repair this week, so I decided to make a physical game. Basically, it’s a mod of an existing card game called Truco, with an extra set of cards to be used side by side with the standart deck. Like if Truco and Yu-Gi-Oh! had a baby.

What went right – I’ve made a beta testing sesssion at my birthday with 4 friends of mine. And looks like the game is actually fun to play! But at that time I was unable to follow the whole match, so it’s hard to say how much of the fun was from the base game and how much was from the alterations. But what I’m sure of is that the new game was more flexible, with impossible and dramatic twists.

What went wrong – it still needing a lot more testing, and a lot more gameplay tuning, and definitely an instruction manual. And for the folks reading it in English, sorry for the Portuguese only cards! Ans also, I shouldn’t had decided to make all the cards during the dawn of the last day of the week that the printer store was open.

What I learned – That explaining the rules of a physical game is much, much more complex than in a digital game! And that designing the rules is the most har and fun part of it.

  • Week 06


So this week finally my computer went to repair.

What went wrong – Without computer during the week + playing a lot of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth at the weekend, when I got my computer back. Yeah, it’s my fault. Also yeah, Rebirth is as amazing as it sounds and looks.

What went right – New screen! Now I can develop stuff confortably again!

And now I’m feeling a really strong desire to start a new game. This week WILL HAVE A NEW GAME YEAH! See you next monday!