Game a Week – Week 09

Leia em Português aqui!

FPPP: First Person Ping Pong – Click here to play on browser

-WASD: walk
-Left mouse button: shoots only one ball, that can be picked up again from the ground
-Right mouse button: return the balls that the oponents shoot
-Esc: reset

The ideia – I had the idea to make a first person ping pong for PewDiePie’s game jam, with lots of explosions and stuff. But I didn’t made any game for that jam and really liked the idea, so I decided to build it this week.

What went right – I didn’t care about doing a well done code from the start. I prioritized making an ugly code that worked, and to only improve it if I had some spare time at the end. This streamlined the development a lot.

What went wrong – not much time during the week and I didn’t managed it very well, doing most of the work Sunday. There’s no explosions, neither any GUI pointing the ammo, or the HP, or the game over screen, even that these conditions are present in the game ald should be comunicated to the player. The contact area with the ground to pick up the ball is too small, making this task more dificult than it should. I also don’t think the base mechanic is very fun.

What I learned – that prototype code doesn’t need to be pretty and neither well done. It have to work well enough to test if the idea is fun. Making good code for prototype is to waste precious time.


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