Game a Week – Week 08

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PoncentricoClick here to play on browser


Controls – Left and right arrows: rotate paddles.

The idea – I wanted to make a game for a game jam this weekend, so I wanted to make a variation of one of the most classic and old videogame genres: ball and paddle (Pong, Breakout, etc…). It would be simple and fast to make, this game were the player must maintain a ball inside the boundaries of the screen as long as it can, scoring one point every time the ball hit the paddle.

What went right – Since I started to make a game a week, I believe this is the one that took less time to make and ended up being the best result of these games. It’s simple to understand the rules, the visuals are clean and pretty, and the 2 circles mode confuses the brain the way I wanted it to do.

What went wrong – Dificulty higher than I intended, especially the 2 circles mode. I ended not participating of that game jam, so I could had done some sfx and music easily.

What I learned – Simplicity is the key to get good results when you are making small prototipes, one every week. I hope to remember of this when making the next game!


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