Game a Week – Week 02

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Week 02Link to play in browser (Z – Shoots / X – Change shoot type)


The idea – After getting frustrated last week, I decided to try something more simple this week. I wanted to make a really basic shmup, and used as base the shooting mechanics of Thunder Force, but simplified. Something that would be easy to finish and that I could also play a little with level and game design, both things that I think are my weak spots.

What went right – This time at least it looks like a game! Also I feel like I’m coding better now, with almost every class responsible for a single task. And it feels really good to work every day a little bit with game development.

What went wrong – I left the level design for the last 10 minutes before the deadline, and I think I’ve failed at training this skill this time. Also having problems with managing my time during the business days of the week. And the game don’t have a starting screen, neither game start and over screens, or way to restart the game without reloading the page, wich is kind of frustrating.

What I learned – In general I think what I learned the most was with programming. And the fact that this time I made something playable, unlike last week’s game, already is some progress, even unhappy with the final product.


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