Game a Week – Week 01

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Some time ago I read this article at Gamasutra and also this other too about the Game a Week challenge. After a couple of months taking part in any game jamand neither developing any games at all, I felt it was time to try this.

I always had tons of fun game jamming: the tiny development time, the bugs and glitches flooding everywhere, the tiredness, the thrill of the final deadline and the feeling of mission complete after every game I give birth to a new game. Usually a ugly, deformed and incomplete game. But still a brand new game.

However, since I get back from college vacation, the time that I had available during the week got a lot tighter: now I’m going to college every morning, and working as a trainee every noon. And every weekend I transform into a lazy jelly. But I still feeling the itch to make new games.

Then I decided to try Game a Week toghether during the week. Every monday I’ll post here the results of my work, no matter how unfinished, messy and shameful it is. The deadline is every sunday, 11:59PM, no excuses, no postponements. To describe every project I’ll borrow the format that Adriel Wallick uses.

So, here it goes:

BizoroDownload link (playable in local network – 2 players)


The idea – The first idea was based on memories I had from how fun I thought the competitive multiplayer mode from Sonic 2 was (and that anyone liked playing it with me). So I set to make a small local network competitive multiplayer platform prototype, where every player would have to jump obstacles, collect upgrades and cross the finish line. I used this tutorial to get basic networking notions.

What went right – Close to nothing. Anywaysm it was nice being able to make the games connect, make some handmade position interpolation and a camera follow script that focus on the correct player. And it’s the first one and it’s done, yay!

What went wrong – Close to everything! The project scope was too big, and even worse that it was the first one. The current game has no win/lose condition, the players can’t jump, and the level is a closed box empty inside. And the result is too close to the base tutorial. My development time was poorly managed.

What I learned – A little bit of networking in Unity. I didn’t worked with gameplay at all, but it was nice to face a challend with a more technical focus. I’ve also realized that I should be wiser when choosing the project scope next week.


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